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Anti-AAPI Racism and Hate Crimes Resources

In the wake of heightened violence and hate attacks against the AAPI community, MNAPABA has compiled the following community events, resources, and statements to support our members, friends, families, and greater community. We also welcome and encourage allies to engage and share discussions. As the National Association of Asian American Professionals has stated: "We also recognize that the pain and loss that Asian Americans are experiencing is not isolated from the suffering of other communities of color. We must proactively work together towards finding justice for members of all communities, while coming together to act as a unified people."

Please continue to check back for updates, as we will update this page as more information and resources become available. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list, but meant to steer our community towards some support in these difficult times.

MNAPABA Anti-AAPI Racism, Discrimination & Violence Outreach Working Group

On March 18, 2021, MNAPABA convened a listening session, with many at the session expressing interest in doing outreach to Minnesota's AAPI community in response to and in the wake of increased anti-AAPI racism, discrimination, and violence. We invite everyone who is interested to be a part of this effort, and have since formed the Anti-AAPI, Discrimination & Violence Outreach Working Group (description below).

We recognize that many of our local AAPI organizations are already doing this important work. Where we can collaborate and support these organizations, we would like to do so, including leveraging our expertise as lawyers. The need will drive our work.

MNAPABA Anti-AAPI Racism, Discrimination & Violence Outreach Working Group Description


  • Exists as a working group within MNAPABA’s Outreach Committee
  • Formed in response to and in the wake of increased anti-AAPI racism, discrimination and violence
  • Focused on outreach, with particular emphasis on leveraging our legal expertise, to our Minnesota's AAPI community


  • Made up of MNAPABA attorneys and others; all are welcome--no need to identify as AAPI 
  • Other affinity and bar associations will be invited to join this effort 


Potential outreach ideas could include:

  • Organize know your rights seminars 
  • Produce a flyer with resources
  • Legal outreach to greater Minnesota
  • Compiling a list of local Asian businesses to assist
  • Compiling stories of MNAPABA membership and experiences

The Working Group has convened twice since forming in March. Recognizing that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused trauma and hardship for many in the AAPI community, the Working Group is focusing its efforts on empowerment and connection. To that end, group members are exploring how to provide comprehensive bystander training to MNAPABA members and allies, collaborating with Twin Cities law schools to better serve diverse students, and engaging with local and national organizations committed to anti-racism. The Working Group welcomes ideas and feedback from MNAPABA members and friends who want to contribute to this important work. Please contact Nicole Dailo, MNAPABA Vice President of Outreach, at nicole.dailo@gmail.com

for more information or to get involved.


A Community United: A National Convening Against AAPI Hate | May 4, 12:00-6:20 pm EST

Join the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association and the Attorney General Alliance to discuss educational and actionable steps for addressing the rise of hate targeting the AAPI community. The event will be divided into three parts: (1) raising awareness; (2) supporting the AAPI community and taking concrete actions to prevent and counter AAPI hate; and (3) creating a skillset toolbox to empower all participants to stand up to hate. The goal is to assist the public, policymakers, advocacy, business, and legal communities in the identification and circumscription of AAPI hate. Please click here for more information and here to access the live broadcast (no registration required).

#StopAsianHate: The Role of Media in the Rise of Anti-Asian Violence| May 26, 11:00 am-12:00 pm

In honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month (AAPIHM), the Thomson Reuters Asian Affinity Network (AAN) is hosting a panel discussion on the role of the media in shaping the public perception and narrative of Asian Americans, including the need for greater representation and inclusion of Asian Americans in the entertainment and media space, and how media organizations can help combat the rise in anti-Asian hate. 

Thomas Kim, Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary and AAN-NY Executive Sponsor, will moderate the panel and Cristina Juvier, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, will deliver opening remarks. The panel will feature the following distinguished journalists and leaders in the media sector: Helen Zia (Author, Journalist, Activist), Daniel Mayeda (Associate Director, Documentary Film Legal Clinic at UCLA School of Law), and Krystal Hu (Reporter, Reuters). Please click here for more information or to register.

Asian Solidarity Circle | Series Begins June 12, 11:00 am-1:00 pm

The Asian MN Alliance for Justice (AMAJ) Combating Anti-Asian Racism Team will be kicking off an event series called Asian Solidarity Circle, beginning June 12. This kickoff session will take place at the Coalition of Asian American Leaders (CAAL), with lots of available outdoor space (941 Lafond Ave., St. Paul, MN 55104). There will be food, networking, and small group discussions to hold space for courageous conversation, healing, reflecting, and building together about the Asian experience in Minnesota. The event is reserved for individuals who identify as Asian, Asian American, or Pacific Islander. For more information or to register, please click here.


Minnesota Asian Safety Squad: Community patrols and individual escorts to guard vulnerable Asian Minnesotans against racist violence.

Minnesota Discrimination Hotline: Report discrimination against the Asian Minnesotan community (translation services available).

The Alliance for Asian American Justice: Newly formed initiative to coordinate and drive law firm pro bono resources for victims of anti-Asian hate.

Stop AAPI Hate: Tracks and responds to incidents of hate, violence, harassment, discrimination, shunning, and child bullying against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

Hollaback! Bystander Intervention Training: Free bystander intervention training sessions and workshops to respond to anti-Asian/American and xenophobic harassment. 

Asian Americans Advancing Justice: Dedicated to advancing civil and human rights for Asian Americans, with hate crime tracking and reporting (various languages available) and various other resources.

NextShark: Dedicated to giving visibility to Asian American news, including news relating to racism and hate crimes.

National Asian Pacific American Bar Association Hate Crimes Resources: Pro bono legal resources and other tools to help local communities against hate-fueled attacks.

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