Minnesota Asian Pacific American Bar Association

Minnesota Asian Pacific American Bar Association


Strategic Plan

Mission Statement: MNAPABA is committed to promoting and supporting the personal and professional development of Asian American and Pacific American lawyers, judges, and law students, serving as an advocate for the Asian Pacific American community in Minnesota, and promoting equal access to justice.

Goal 5: Growth (opportunities for membership, increase membership, and MNAPABA’s financial stability).   Goal 1 >>

Strategic Area

Action Items

Next Steps


Milestone Status Update

5.1  Increase membership

5.1.1    Promote MNAPABA to law firms and companies (to have as a resource to them and their APA lawyers/employees) Create one-pager (for business justification & to make employees more aware of MNAPABA)

VP, Outreach President, & President-Elect

To be completed by July 2016 and sent out no later than August 2016.  Create list of diversity partners at firms and diversity contacts at corporations in town.

Draft form email or letter to send with one-pager (e.g., suggest to firms/corporations sending to APA attorneys or all new attorneys).

Collaborate with interested orgs. And individuals.

VP, Outreach President, & President-Elect

To be completed by July 2016 and sent out no later than August 2016.

5.1.2    Get local APALSA and SALSA more involved in MNAPABA Law student liaisons to MNAPABA Executive Board (VP, Membership to figure out scope of duties and  identify candidates)

VP, Membership

Conduct next step annually. Annual meeting with APALSA President during beginning of Board year

VP, Membership

Conduct next step annually.  Annual student reception with APALSAs (rotating at different local law schools)

VP, Membership

Conduct next step annually.  Annual contact with each Law school’s administrator overseeing diversity and/or student clubs.

VP, Membership

Conduct next step annually.

5.1.3   Make more connections amongst members (networking happy hours, quarterly events that have themes (e.g., HH for IP attorneys, etc.)) (also meets engaging members) Maintain or increase current level of programming.

VP, Membership

Annually evaluate effectiveness of events at year-end.

5.1.4   Create a directory of our attorneys as a way to network APA lawyers Continue to work on developing Directory.

VP, Membership & VP, Communications

Complete during 2016-17 Board year.

5.1.5   Diversify MNAPABA membership (South Asian, Hmong, Koreaadoptees, bi-multiracial) List on website of who we are (and who we aspire to) represent

VP, Membership & VP, Communications

Complete by 2016-17 Board year.

5.2  Engage membership

5.2.1   Meet-and-greet with Advisory Board Select date and plan event.


Hold annually and schedule next one in 2015-16 Board year.

5.2.2   Get more membership involvement through committees (gives opportunity to members for professional and personal development) Recruit people to committees.

President oversees and ensures compliance.

All committee Chairs

Committee established and convened (via phone, email, or in-person) no later than December of each Board year.

5.2.3    Assess programming and networking opportunities for all levels of membership (law students, junior attorneys, to senior attorneys) Status report to Executive Board with areas for improvement included.

VP, Membership

Provide annual year-end report.

5.2.4     Attend more (non-MNAPABA) events as MNAPABA representatives (e.g.,  CAPM and other orgsbusiness orgs, etc.) MNAPABA “Ambassador” to let event contact know they are attending on behalf of MNAPABA (either before or at event)

President & Executive Board

List in every Board report each event attended and identify who NAPABA “Ambassador” was.

5.3  Financial Growth

5.3.1  Increase corporate sponsorships Develop fundraising strategy and use Advisory Board to assist.

President & President-Elect

Annual development of fundraising strategy.

Conduct annual review of corporate sponsorships at end of Board year. Develop plan for increasing year-round recognition of sponsors.

President & President-Elect

Conduct annually.

Measures of Success: Increase membership by 10% each year; increase attendees at events; sustain or increase number of sponsorships.

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