Minnesota Asian Pacific American Bar Association

Minnesota Asian Pacific American Bar Association


Strategic Plan

Mission Statement: MNAPABA is committed to promoting and supporting the personal and professional development of Asian American and Pacific American lawyers, judges, and law students, serving as an advocate for the Asian Pacific American community in Minnesota, and promoting equal access to justice.

Goal 1: To promote and support MNAPABA lawyers, judges and law students. Goal 2 >>

Strategic Area

Action Items (how to accomplish)

Next Steps (what to do)

Responsible (who will be)

Milestone Status Update (when)

1.1     Career Support/Advancement

1.1.1      Assistance with job/career advice (org.-wide) Provide annual program (CLE, panel discussion, etc.) on career transitions, including moving in-house, government, etc.

VP, Membership

One program each year with a year-end status report.  Formalized Mentorship Programs (attorney-to-attorney )

VP, Membership

Start to develop in 2016-17 Board year with goal of implementing in 2017-18.

Annual program (post-implementation). Create section committees for networking (e.g., IP, Judiciary, Employment, etc.)

VP, Membership

Upon completion of Directory, develop plan to start section committees.

1.1.2    Professional development and skill-building Parade of corporations (networking) where we go around to corporations educating them about MNAPABA

VP, Membership & President (only parade of corporations)

Up and running with annual presentations by 2016-17 Board year.

1.1.3      Recognize members Nominate members for Awards

Awards Committee

Ensure this is done annually (by recommendation to Board) and give report to Board by year-end. Put into MNAPABA newsletter – “Member Spotlight”

President-Elect,  Awards Committee, & VP Communications

Start in July 2016 and put in monthly newsletter.

1.1.4      Retention of APA attorneys (what are the unwritten rules for the minority attorneys?)  (CLEs  small group discussions) CLE/Small group discussion series

VP, Outreach (as coordinator)

Plan developed and first event executed in 2016-17 Board year (at least once per year).

Measures of Success: Do our members think membership is a source for advice; provide simple/short survey (paper) at each event (VP, Membership to create).

  * MNAPABA will not provide a formal mentorship program for attorney-to-law students as long as others are providing that (e.g., law schools, TCDIP).

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MNAPABA c/o Minnesota State Bar Association
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