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Letter to MNAPABA from Linda Louie, wife of Terry Louie

Tue, October 18, 2022 2:03 PM | Stephanie Chen

Dearest Members, Officers, Supporters  and Sponsors of MNAPABA,

I want to thank everyone for keeping this organization alive and thriving.  I was there when the membership numbered less than 10!  I know my husband Terry, the first MNAPABA President is looking down and smiling at all of the stellar professionals who now make up your impressive and vibrant membership. He wanted mostly to not only form this organization, but he wanted to ensure that law students would fulfill the future of MNAPABA. How well you have done! How bright the future looks because of you. Many of you I have known since you were law students. Many are now counting on you to keep MNAPABA growing.

Thank you for inviting me to the lovely Gala where officially was announced the name change of the internship program to the Terry M. Louie Founder’s Scholarship. This distinguished honor will be a gift in perpetuity from you to establish something no other can give: a fine legacy for a well deserving man, Terry Louie, MNAPABA’s first President. Your outgoing President, Mayura Noordyke, is to be commended for helming the ship so well during what for all of us has been a very trying few years. Well done and Brava, Madame President. I have often referred to the incoming President and President Elect as the dynamic duo!. Knowing about your backgrounds and from what your peers say, MNAPABA will pass to new leadership in tact, ready to keep thriving. President Chris Jison and President Elect Nicole Dailo, you now follow some hard working and inspiring individuals. I am sure you realize that. What you may not yet know is that you have the potential to surpass anything from the past and continue to help MNAPABA reach new heights. My husband would have been your biggest supporter. I gladly share in that now and encourage you to call on me for anything.

It is very humbling to realize that I am also thanking all of you on behalf of the most humble man I ever met. Terry never was the type to be interested in recognition. He would rather have been the one behind the scenes, visualizing a grand plan and working very hard to make it a reality for others. From his pro bono work, to professional and mentoring relationships, Terry was a giver. So thank you for giving him the greatest gift possible.

Finally, I want to especially recognize Evan Tsai for organizing the memorial in September, so that Terry was also honored in a professional celebration of his life. How very kind. It was a beautiful day, a gathering of about 70+ people, coming and going, many giving touching tributes to Terry, a delicious meal (that Terry would have really appreciated!), it was a delight and I thank you. Kudos to Stephanie Chen, kindly helping to get out the word as VP of Communications.  Since Terry died during the pandemic, and since I had never organized a Celebration of Life before that, I was glad that you, Evan, chose an outdoor venue after the worst of the COVID pandemic had subsided.  Evan, I applaud you for thinking ahead that way, giving time and space to the event in the hopes that more people would get a chance to honor Terry. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Evan.

The people at the event who know me well let me know that my trying to be solemn and quiet gave way to something more like "tears of a clown.” That is my MO all right: have fun so the nerves and the tears keep at bay. I am glad it was not a solemn event, but one full of love and laughter. Terry and I lived our lives that way. His laughter was in my mind when some of the humorous memories were shared. This was a tremendous tribute; no tears, only laughs. I hope that those of you who had a chance to meet or come to know Terry will keep his memory and his great laugh alive in your heart. That makes for the best tribute of all, a lasting one. As the motto for The Wounded Warrior Organization states: The Greatest Casualty is Being Forgotten. Terry, may your memory be a blessing, forever.

Thank you, MNAPABA. Thank you for everything. 

Linda Marie Louie

Grateful wife of my beloved husband Terry

Mailing Address:
MNAPABA c/o Minnesota State Bar Association
600 Nicollet Mall, Suite 380, Minneapolis, MN 55402

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